Sponsors and Supporters

Jollification SpecialistsLook for this sign in the window!

Beyond the efforts of each and every one of our dedicated and faithful volunteers spreading Crestwood spirit year-round, Christmas in Crestwood would not be possible without the generous support of our Crestwood businesses.

The following is a list of all of the supportive sponsors of this year’s jollification. Please join us in thanking them for their generosity.

...AND NOTE: If you are participating in the Shop Crestwood for the Holidays receipt contest, visiting any sponsoring Christmas In Crestwood business doubles your receipt’s value! (In other words, a $50 receipt from a sponsoring business is really worth $100 in the contest.)

TOP SUPPORTERS: Thank you to these sponsors for their major contributions.

SUPER PRIZES: Thank you to these Crestwood businesses who provided gifts and services for the Essay Contest(*) as well as the Shop Crestwood and the Where’s Santa prize contests — currently totaling more than $5,600!

And a special thank you to Larry Millburg of The Sappington Workshop for building our wonderful drop box for the Essay Contest.

BAGS OF FUN: Thank you to these Crestwood businesses who provided gifts for our Goody Bags.

BANNER NEWS: Special Thanks to Our Businesses for Their Support of Christmas in Crestwood! Thirty Crestwood businesses purchased light pole banners which are hung along Watson and Sappington Roads within Crestwood’s border. Their support of Christmas in Crestwood replenishes our general operating funds and helps us bring wonderful events, activities, and contests to you year-round. Help us thank them for their generosity by Shopping Crestwood this season.

ON THE AIR: These Crestwood businesses and public officials contributed to the playlist of songs to be aired during the December 2020 rotation of “Christmas in Crestwood Radio” on the Route 66 Crestwood station @ StLouisClassicRock.com